The Monks of the abbey of Tournus chose the site of Lavernette to plant vineyards because they understood the great quality of the soil.

The average age of the vines is between 20 and 60 years old. We have 2 recently planted parcels of Beaujolais Blanc that are 3 and 6 years old respectively and represent a total surface are of 0,7hectares. The average yield is 50hl/ha.

The soil is worked mechanically or manually only (not with weed killer), is ploughed or de-weeded according to the type of soil and vine since 2002 for the white vineyards and in all of our vineyards since 2007.

Use limited to the products authorized in organic and biodynamic agriculture on 1/3 of the field since 2005, 2/3 in 2006 and in totality since 2007. The vineyards are tended by hand from winter pruning up through harvesting.We make our own organic compost and nutritive tisanes.

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