Beaujolais-Leynes cuvée Jadis

Surface of production: 1.60 ha (3.95 a)
Exposition: South, South-East
Soil: Sandy soils of crumbled granite “arène”
Average age of vines: 48 years
Grape variety: Gamay noir à jus blanc
Pruning: Goblet
Harvest: Hand harvested
Yield: 40Hl/ha (2.1 tons/acre)
Serving temperature: 13°-20°C (57°-67°F)
Aging potential: 8 to 10 years


The grapes are hand-picked, sorted & gravity fed to tank. After whole-cluster fermentation for 10 to 12 days, the must is gravity fed and gently pressed in a pneumatic press. This wine finishes primary fermentation in barrels in a temperate cave (53°F to 57°F). The temperature is controlled throughout the winemaking process in order to enhance the fine aromas. The malo-lactic fermentation is done in barrels naturally. The age average of the barrels is about 4 years. Estate-bottled after 22 months of barrel aging without fining. This wine is bottled before the second following harvest and then allowed to age in bottle.

Tasting notes:

Slow, sensual, rhythmic, powerful, the Jadis holds the secrets of the past and the way of the future. Aged in barrique for 22 months, the deep ruby wine is full of richness and complexity built on a solid foundation. The arousing aromatics of anise give way to dark fruits of plum and black cherry. The lavish tannins caress your palate and linger long before the dark chocolate flavours melt away.

Food pairing:

A very versatile wine that mates equally as well with eclectic cuisine as it does with traditional dishes. All feathers of game fowl. Tuna, sashimi, sausage, cheddar cheeses, tomato sauces, coq au vin, beef stew.

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